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Nail Polish Non Toxic Color Coconut

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Nail Polish Non Toxic Color Coconut

As the interior of the coconut, translucent white, pure, soft and delicate.

Size: 11 ml


The perfect dose of pigments in the formulation guarantees a covering effect.

Contains ingredients specifically designed to strengthen nail’s resistance like organic silicon.

Easy Apply

Fast and precise application due to its brush.  An ergonomic cap for easy use.

How to use: to obtain an optimal result by extending two layers of product first at the center of the nail, then from the base to the edge, ending with the sides.

Prolong the duration with the help of our exclusive line of products for nail care.

- Use one of our Base Coats Treatments before applying the nail polish to protect the nails and improve nail polish last.

- After the nail polish, apply our Top Coat Fast Dry to achieve a brilliant effect and a quick drying.

Does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene or parabens; compounds that, when absorbed through the nails, can have harmful effects on health.

Gluten Free

Recommended for:  everyone, including people with allergies and intolerances or under medical treatment (subject to authorization) and pregnant women.

Vegan Product

Cruelty Free

Long Duration

Customer Reviews

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I love it! Great product

Trendy now, but beautifully timeless

Coconut is GORGEOUS. I had a love/hate relationship with cream polishes and Handmade Beauty actually helped mend that relationship to be one full of love. One of my least favorite hues is anything white or off white. I chose this color to really put this brand to the rest and I’m pleased to say that this one passed the test with flying colors (no pun intended). This hue leveled beautifully, giving me an effortlessly even manicure. It’s a sheer polish, which is super on-trend right now, but it’s color makes it a timeless staple to any polish collection. I adore it. I have it on my fingernails right now and can’t wait to give myself a pedicure with it later!