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Nail Polish

A complete line of polishes that beautify and take care of the nails at the same time. Our non-toxic and vegan formula is committed to ingredients that maintain the health of the nails without sacrificing color, as well as allowing the nails to breathe while the enamel lasts. A wide palette, made with long-lasting covering pigments, that promises professional finishes. In addition, it allows to speed up enameling thanks to the fan-shaped brush inserted in a convenient cap, which facilitates and favors the application of the product.



Nail Polish Non Toxic Color Tofu

From $10.00 - $14.00
Nail Polish Non Toxic Color Lychee - Handmade Beauty Nail Polish ast and precise application due to its brush.  An ergonomic cap for easy use. How to use: to obtain an optimal result by extending two layers of product first at the center of the nail, then from the base to the edge, ending with the sides. Prolong the duration with the help of our exclusive line of products for nail care. - Use one of our Base Coats Treatments before applying the nail polish to protect the nails and improve nail polish last.

Nail Polish Non Toxic Color Lychee

From $14.00 - $15.50